Search for Investors

Investing Launch and Mining Launch

GDC Web Wallet.

Internal Exchange

International Exchange

Mining Launching World Wide

Shopping Portal

Education Seminars

Meeting of investors to vote in the creation of the project Goldencoin blockchain 2.0

Goldencoin upgrade and attracting new qualified blockchain specialists to the project.Creation Goldencoin Blockchain lab.

Negotiations with bankers
Our team was interviewed more than 100 bankers, technologist, hackers, managers, executives who want to join our mission to realize the Goldencoin blockchain 2.0 vision to become a next generation blockchain platform for the next billion. By the end of September our team grew to 5 advisors including professionals from the top banks of the world.

Debit Cards issue

Attracting offline worldwide stores to accept Goldencoin

Signing a contract with the Russian Irkutsk Hydro Power Plant, to increase the supply of electricity on minimum international prices for mining.
Delivery of new equipment with Next-Generation 7 Nanometer ASIC Chips from Bitmain.

Development Goldencoin DEXes swaps that will link independently-governed blockchains, using the GDC coin.
Listing on world liquid exchanges.

Development Goldencoin Blockchain Gaming Platform to promote unique in-game items and content that can be purchased with GDC only.

Development Goldencoin Social Networks. This is will enable Social Mining of GDC to reward users coins GDC for contributing their personal content to the network.

Launch Microcredit
GDC coins will be used to determine the credit score and are used as integral part of the system credit.

Development Scalability Golden Plasma
To scalability Next Generation Blockchain Platform

Test net Next Generation Blockchain Platform

Launch Next Generation Blockchain Platform

Learning to integrate Artificial Intelligence with Goldencoin Next Generation Blockchain Platform

Launch Artificial Intelligence with Goldencoin Next Generation Blockchain Platform

Strict compliance with the roadmap - the main priority of our team