Goldencoin GDC

Goldencoin GDC is a key component of the system that enables next generation banking system GDC perform two main objectives:
First, the token is the fuel of an internal mechanism of the Goldencoin ecosystem. Second, it is part of the governance component of the GDC system.

Goldencoin GDC Functionalities

Banking Limit

Limit on amount that can be transacted can be linked to GDC coins held by the user. The amount will depends based on volume between 1-5%. Example: Banking limit for 100M USD, Business have to hold 1 - 5 Million USD in GDC coins.

Cards & Rewards programs

GDC Crypto Cashback & Rewards Program to receive points for spending through your Goldencoin Cards. Use your GDC holding to apply to get higher status to enjoy higher referral, loyalty and promotions rewards.

Micro Finance

GDC will hugely impact the parameters such as interest rate, LTV, Loan duration and processing time. Ex: GDC coin holder with more than 1 M GDC will get faster processing, lower interest rate and max repayment time vs person who holds lower GDC.

GDC In The Goldencoin Banking EcoSystem

Goldencoin Debit Card

Service Highlights

Current Account

Debit Cards

Crypto Backed Loans

International Transfers

Business Services


Our Customers


Open multi-currency crypto friendly savings account
Transfer money internationally to 120 countries
Spend BTC, ETH, GDC with globally accepted cards
Buy, sell, exchange cryptocurrencies and tokens
Receive instant crypto backed loans in USD and EUR
Participate in multiple ICOs through a single account


Get multi-currency crypto friendly current account
Transfer money globally with instant settlement
Corporate cards for business users
Credit line against crypto deposits
Advanced reporting to track your expenses and incomes
Sync transactions into your favorite accounting platform
Goldencoin Compliance API for companies doing Token Sales
Business services like payroll management, bill discounting etc.


At the beginning of 2016, we started mining cryptocurrencies. We started with home mining farms. But a year later we launched an industrial mining farm in Russia, the city of Irkutsk. This is the north of Russia and this city has the three largest Hydropower Stations with the cheapest electricity in the world. We chose not by chance, this is the most suitable place for mining. Cold weather all year round, this weather provides savings on equipment cooling. In addition, we signed an agreement with the Irkutsk Hydroelectric Power Station for wholesale electricity purchases. When purchasing electricity for the year ahead, the price for 1 kilowatt is 0.47 rubles. Approximately 0.007-0.01 USD for 1 kilowatt . With such advantages, mining is very cost-effective. Due to this we get high profits.

We did not stopped just with the smaller win and decided to build the complete banking solution for next generation blockchain platform. We are all strong believers in the future of digital currencies and we love being part of this growing community!

GDC Artificial Intelligence

What Does Artificial Intelligence Mean?

The emergence of exciting new fields is more and more noticeable in the current world. Artificial intelligence seems to be one of them. Machine learning has been deeply studied for the last few years. As a result, we can build systems to perform tasks and improve their implementation without human effort. At first sight, things look different, because machine work is becoming preferable to traditional human efforts. On the other hand, this creates a more efficient environment for business projects, including ICOs launches.

Our programmers are developing their own artificial intelligence system - GDC Artificial Intelligence (GDCAI). The GDCAI uses AI for its distribution policies and to ensure that nodes in the network are fairly rewarded. AI and blockchain are two technologies perfectly suited for each other, playing off each other very well. They plan to teach the AI to learn from several variables to achieve full decentralization.